Do I need a BIO?

We’ve all thought about it. Having our own business, being an entrepreneur and working from home on our own schedule and our own rate. But how many of us have actually been able to survive doing what we love at home? Well I have to tell you that as CEO and Founder of my own business, I couldn’t have made a better choice! But in all the learning and trials and errors, there is one thing I never thought would be challenging to do…creating my own BIO. In fact, I never even realized I needed one. Until the big projects starting coming in. That’s when clients starting asking me for my BIO to put in their business plans. That’s right, a complete write up of their designer (and usually a picture) was something they needed to include for funding and investor purposes. Not only did they need it, but I started thinking how this could benefit my business in so many ways. All the exposure, for one. It didn’t take long for the phone calls to start rolling in. (If I had only known it was that easy) I started thinking about the best way to approach writing my own complete, professional, accurate BIO and of course the Google search was on! I sifted through tons of less than helpful blog posts and expensive webinars when I finally stumbled upon a fellow female entrepreneur that caught my attention. I read through her site and information, checked her references and she was for real. She even has a nice pic of enjoying a cocktail out on the water on a sunny day. Now that’s where I want to be. I’m sure we’re thinking along the same lines here. So go check her out, she has a lot of information on her site that can probably help you too about writing the perfect BIO to get your business rolling.

Nancy Juetten-Write the Perfect BIO

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This blog post was inspired by one of our clients who has been struggling with writing her own BIO over the past several weeks. We are hoping this helps you, Little Miss!