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Mastering Mastery Program


Learn how to identify and streamline your career passion. In this program, I set out an intricate method of finding your why and helping you get out of your own way. You will learn how to connect and synthesize the signs in your life that point to the direction you were meant to travel. If you are unclear what the next step is for your business or you are a new entrepreneur – this program is for you.


Built on my book Brand Like a Girl, this program will solidify your story and clarify your message. For years clients have asked me my secrets to branding strategies that have successfully attracted the perfect audiences. Now I show you my proven step by step method to get you in the game. It’s no longer a “nice thing to have”. It’s a requirement if you are going to stand out among the masses.


Build a custom tech stack for your digital presence. In this program, you will learn how to use technology to automate the majority of your tasks while staying within a budget. After completing this course you can relieve your business of having to keep designers and developers on staff or retainer. I walk you through the basics of WordPress all the way through to your marketing tech stack using the software that I use every day.


My signature program!

Build your ideal digital marketing campaign that gets results. I have had years of training on this subject and teach methods beyond the ones you’ve read about while including tried and true techniques. I share case studies from real clients with real results and walk you through your journey on live Q&A calls.


Learn how to podcast like the pros do without spending months in a tech program or wasting thousands of dollars on equipment. I cover everything from the absolute necessities to the quality of production. 

Girl Get In!

This program teaches you how I conduct my entire sales system. Start as an apprentice by my side and learn one on one what it takes to be the influencer of your industry. This is a 6-week course where you will walk my walk daily and accompany me in my current ventures as you take notes and begin to flesh out the framework for your business.

The seventh week is for you to pamper yourself in Paris and prepare for success.

You will learn how I prospect, how I nurture, and how I sell as a professional. Upon completion of this program, you will receive free accommodations in beautiful downtown Paris! Because mindset is a huge part of keeping a strong momentum.

I only accept 3 students per round for this program.

We are stronger together

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