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Wordpress Care Plans for $159/month.
Unlimited Content Update Plans for $259/month.

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-with a Wordpress Care Plan

Have you ever clicked the “update” button on your Wordpress site only to realize it’s broken everything? It seemed simple enough but….ARGGGGG! We know the pain. That’s why we’re bringing back our Wordpress Care Plan. You requested it, we delivered.

You’ve got better things to worry about than your website technology maintenance. Keeping up with software updates and checking for bugs can be an all weekend affair for most. And that’s if you’re a seasoned developer who knows the ins and outs of website upkeep and the current status of platform technology changes.

If you’re a serious business owner, you already know the importance of protecting your assets. We keep a close eye on what’s happening in the background of your site, fixing issues before they affect your customers. We offer a weekly care service for a convenient low monthly fee that will help you stay on top of updates in Wordpress so you can back to running your business.

Oh ya, Direct Upload to Your Site

Our services are completed on a secure server and then uploaded directly to your domain. That way we can test the changes before making them live. 

Just in case there’s a hiccup.

You get All this

for $159/month. That’s it.

So why worry? Let us do that for you.


Manage Wordpress Core Updates and performance & security checks.


Optimize Database tables and clean up stray post revisions & MB overhead.


Update plugins & check for compatibility. If we bug a bug, we’ll email you.


Clear SPAM comments and check for vulnerabilities.


Software updates for your Wordpress shopping cart and compatibility check.


Daily backups of your site files and MYSQL database, just in case.


Have frequent updates to make to your site? Add unlimited content updates to your Wordpress Care Plan for just $259/mo. You’re new WCP covers the technical aspect of your site but, once upgraded, will also include unlimited customer generated (that’s you) content updates! This new service can be added to your current care plan freeing up your time (and budget) to get back to work.

Upgrade today, your updates are only an email away.

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What does all this mean?

It means you run a faster, cleaner website without the worry of plugins or other software updates breaking all of your hard work. It means you are way less vulnerable to security hacks. It means more time to run your business.

It means peace of mind.